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Three new cards added!

Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Minecraft

I’ve added three new interesting cards today. They’re all animated so I had some fun making them. Two of these cards complete our betting card deck filling in the two blank spots we had and the last card is a new type of card a Payme multiplier card.


It will be quite difficult for you to earn the 10% Higher Chances card because you need to have a betting profit of -R25,000 to earn this card. That means you’ll need to have spent at-least R25,000 and be making a serious loss to get this card. Hopefully it will help those of you with some serious bad luck. And of course you’ll lose this card if you break even or make a profit.

The first card the 10 free bets card you get by placing 100 bets. I’m sure most of you will meet that criteria by now. And the +R0.05 per minute card is a normal drop, it’s a “rare” class card. The 10% higher chances and +R0.05 card are both passive cards meaning they are always active you don’t need to activate them.

I hope you like these new cards they join the five new cards I added yesterday and boost our current card count to 148.