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Restart Performance Improved

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in Minecraft

As I’m sure many of you have noticed when our Survival server used to restart it could sometimes take over 5 minutes. This was due to Towny. Its database was ginormous having held data for tens of thousands of players since April 2012.

Recently to help stop the constant data corruptions of the Towny database we purged old data, meaning players who hadn’t logged in for 1 year were removed from the Towny database.

This has had a positive effect on our rebooting speed. Where it used to take over 5 minutes to restart it now takes just 52 seconds. I’m really happy about this and combined with our automatic restarting system that only restarts the server during times of low player activity it means you’re much less likely to see a restart or be frustrated by how long it takes.

To monitor the server restart speed I simply used IRC. CraftIRC is the plugin we use to connect to our IRC server for outside-game chat and it’s the last plugin to activate when the server first boots up making it a great way to test launch speed.