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Towny removed from the server

Posted by on Apr 11, 2015 in Minecraft

Today the Towny database had yet another data corruption. It appears to be because our database has reached and surpassed 4GB in size which is larger than the memory Towny will address. Towns and resident data thus gets “dropped” when it tries to save and load things.

The Towny data is still on our disk but the plugin has been unloaded. If we decide to bring Towny back things will be as they were. If we decide to remove Towny permanently (which is likely) we will come up with some solutions for teleporting to your towns and retrieving your town balances.

I and the other staff will be discussing this over the coming days and deciding what to do, be that continue with towny, remove it permanently or try a different plugin including the possibility of creating our own alternative.

Thank you for your patience, I know many of you liked using Towny, I also like the plugin when it works it’s just a sad situation we are in where the plugin is no longer able to meet our communities size.

Looting from unprotected chests / containers is disabled for the time being as some of them may have been inside towns which were protected. Please do not take or look into chests that do not belong to you for the time being.