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More forum updates!

Posted by on Mar 21, 2015 in Minecraft

Yesterday the new forum software went live and since then I’ve been tinkering with our forum theme. Adding our background image, dropshadows, colour identity, new favicons, new top banner and so on. I think the current theme looks fantastic.

I’ve also remade our online player list. Previously it was just a static image generated by PHP that I coded I believe in 2011. It never really looked amazing and it was just the best I could do at the time. One of the annoyances with the old one was if there were too many players connected your names would get cut off.

Well the new online player list is miles ahead. It can display all names, it shows which server you’re on in a concise way, it shows your player head and it even shows your rank colour on your name.

This is the same player online system that I developed for our Admin Control Panel (ACP). But it has been altered slightly to be more compact for the forums and to keep resource use down it doesn’t automatically refresh itself like the one on the ACP does. I really love the way it integrates into our forum. I’d like to thank Bieb for helping me with troubleshooting some Javascript.

The final change is Avatar sizes. Previously the avatar size limit was 90 x 90 pixels. On our new theme that’s too small, it doesn’t look right. So the new limit is 135 x 135 pixels. This will allow your avatars to be properly centered above your rank badge on the forums. Makes it look much nicer.

I hope you enjoy these changes I’m really stoked for the new forums and all the fantastic new things it will enable over the next few years. As I said before I originally installed the forum in 2007, before Minecraft even existed and RenMX was merely a WinMX community. We’ve grown a lot since we added Minecraft and I’m happy that our forum is finally able to match the quality that our players have come to expect from us.