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New Easter Egg: Trivia Time added!

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015 in Minecraft

Like yesterday when I added Redstone Madness I’ve wanted to create more Easter Eggs which aren’t parkour focused. So I’ve built another one which is a trivia egg.

When you enter you will be shown 6 categories (Music, Movies, Television, Science, History and General) you pick the category you want to answer questions in and then you are presented with multiple choice answers for each question.

There are around 130 to 220 questions for each category so overall there is around 800-900 questions available. Each time you play the questions are drawn randomly from the category you’ve chosen so each time it’s a unique experience.

Answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly and you win. This Easter Egg will grant you a Guardian Disguise card the first time you complete it successfully, after that it will give random cards. It is rated “Very High”. You’ll find the entrance by pressing a suspiciously placed wooden button on a tree in the tranquility gardens at the feet of the main spawn temple.

Have fun!