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Towny rolled back by 12 Hours

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in Minecraft

Today we had a bit of an issue with Towny. A large town was unclaimed by a player and when this occurred Towny froze and caused the server to restart.

As Towny was making changes to its database when the server crashed it caused the database Towny uses to become corrupted and unusable. This can happen often with Towny due to the way its database is designed and its sheer size (over 3GB). This is I believe the 3rd or 4th time we’ve had this occur.

But due to our pre-planning for things like this I was able to retrieve our Towny database from a backup made 12 hours ago. As of this post Towny is back on and working. I’m making this post because if you login and find a town you founded within the past 12 hours is gone or some land you claimed is now not claimed it’s due to this database rollback. Again this only affects things done in the past 12 hours, anything done before that is exactly how you left it.

Thank you for your understanding.