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Find Cards while Mining!

Posted by on Feb 21, 2015 in Minecraft

This is a really cool new feature which I think will help our new players get the most out of playing on our server. Now when you go mining using an Iron, Stone or Diamond Pickaxe (of any variety, Enchanted, Renamed or just Basic) you’ll have a small chance to find a card for each block you break.

The chance to find a card is about 1/10th the chance of finding one by playing a “Very Low” rated Easter Egg. So to put it another way, breaking 10 blocks gives you the same odds of finding a card as playing a “Very Low” rated Easter Egg.

This means for most players who already have large decks it will take a long time between card finds this way, but for new players it means they’ll find their first 10 Cards or so the first few hours that they play on our server.

I hope you like this update, this along with the custom recipes added the other day are just part of the new in-game features we’re adding this year.