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In-game Admin Shop UI added!

Posted by on Feb 15, 2015 in Minecraft

A lot of you have requested this feature and I’ve thought about the best way to implement this for quite a while. Today I’ve added the in-game interface and I’ve decided to tie it into our /search or /auction commands. So now when you perform /search log you won’t only receive results from what players have listed you’ll also receive results from the Admin Shop.

The above is a picture from in-game. You can see it lists the item prices as per unit, you would then click on the word Buy: and it will ask you how many of this item you wish to purchase, you type in a number and hit enter. It’s that easy. For some items like Ranks you won’t need to specify how many you wish to purchase and just a single click in the results is enough to purchase it.

I hope you all enjoy this feature as I said before this has been requested many times and I’m happy to be able to introduce it. One last thing I wanted to mention is this uses the same code as the website so new features introduced there will be available to the in-game interface straight away and all prices are the same as they are on the website including the fluctuating prices, your discounts and so forth.