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New referral system

Posted by on Feb 7, 2015 in Minecraft

I’ve got a really great new feature to share with you today. It’s a new enhanced referral system. It includes a forum signature and a webpage where you’ll earn money for views and signups. It’s tied in to our /payme in-game command system for cashing out.

What you’re seeing above is our brand new referral page at but don’t give out that link, instead head on over to and get your own personalised link. For each unique view your link receives you’ll get R25 of in-game cash. And for each signup through that page you’ll get an extra R1,000 and the player will be added to your referral list.

On the referral page you’ll also find the forum signature url which looks like this:

When this is viewed on any website (you’ll need to link directly to it) you’ll receive R1. To make sure you can monitor how your monetisation is going you’ll only receive the money from these new systems by using /payme in-game. I hope you love these new features, I know it’ll make you all a lot of money if used well. Just please do not spam other game servers with your referral link, if we find you doing this you will be banned from our server.