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In-game warpshop & setshop

Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 in Minecraft

Quite a while ago I added a feature where you can make a shop in-game and then type /setshop to set the location. All items you list on our auction system then include a link to your shop which other players can click on to teleport straight to it.

Today I’ve expanded this feature by adding an in-game command called /warpshop [Name]  so if you’ve set your shop (using /setshop) other players can now visit your shop just by typing /warpshop and then your username.

Remember if you’ve setup a shop and you want to delete the teleport to it you can type /delshop at any time.

The new /warpshop command was a requested feature by freakboy31, if you’ve got a great idea for the server don’t hesitate to speak up!