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Jan. 2015 Video Game Contest Winners!

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015 in Minecraft

Today I would like to announce the winners of January 2015 Video Game recreation Contest!

You can see if you are one of the Top 5 winners in this thread – Winners Post

Or if you’re really excited to see the list of winners without any screenshots, just read more in this article!

1st – Sarah4634 – 10,000 Rennies

2nd – _Lord_Rakdos_ = 5,000 Rennies

3rd – BioZombieActive = 2,500 Rennies

4th – usws = 1,600 Rennies

5th – Fivehop012700 = 1,600 Rennies

Congratulations! It was a great start of the year.