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Quickshot: Lots of little changes!

Posted by on Jan 6, 2015 in Minecraft


  • Prismarine Bricks have been added to the 1.8 section on the shop


  • When someone buys or wins an auction you made and you’re offline, the mail sent to you in-game never listed the price you received. It now lists the price.


  • The in-game /card command now lists how many cards you have if typed without naming a card you wish to redeem.
  • When redeeming a card in-game if more than one card matches what you typed, you will be given a list of matching cards, previously you had to re-type the name of the card from the available options, now you can just click on the card you want to redeem.


  • There is now an in-game /vote command which gives you a link to the voting page and tells you how many votes you’ve made so far.

And that’s all the new changes for this Quickshot.