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No more inconvenient restarts

Posted by on Jan 4, 2015 in Minecraft

Today I wrote the smart restarter for our server that I mentioned quite a long time ago (probably in 2013). Jackerdelta brought it up in chat and he made a good case for why it would be useful to add.

So I thought hmm it’s not a bad idea! So we now have a smart restarter. The way it works is simple, when there aren’t many players on our servers they will restart.

If one of our four servers has been online for 1 day and there is 1 player or no players online it will restart. But if there were 2 or more players online then it won’t. It will keep trying to restart every 5 minutes until there is less than 2 players online on that specific server.

Each day that it is unable to reboot it gets a little more aggressive. If it hasn’t been restarted in 2 days then it will restart if there is less than 4 players online, and if it reaches three days of uptime, less than 6 online.

What this all means is, less inconvenient restarts. It’s annoying when you’re trying to play and the server wants to restart. Now it has some logic behind its behaviour and hopefully you’ll never have to suffer through another inconvenient restart.