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New Easter Egg “Cube #1” Added!

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 |

This is an “Easter Egg” I made before we even had Easter Eggs. It was made for an event we held on our Creative server many years ago. Today I decided to import it in to survival, make a few tweaks and create a unique and desirable card for its completion.

It is one of the longest Easter Eggs we have but it does contain many save points so if you do mess up you won’t have to start over from the beginning.

To get to this Easter Egg check the main cherry blossom trees at spawn for a suspiciously placed ladder. Climb up in to the tree and have fun!

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Cause of 5 hour downtime today

Posted by on Jan 29, 2015 |

I apologize for the long downtime today it was due to our Bungeecord instance (The reverse proxy that handles our four servers) having some kind of fault. I did not notice it and no one contacted me about it so I was unaware that no one could access our game servers.

As of this post I have corrected the fault and our servers are now accessible again.

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1.8 section of our webshop removed

Posted by on Jan 27, 2015 |

As we’ve been on v1.8 of Minecraft for a while now and we’ve also increased our world map to include the blocks the shop used to sell I’ve felt it’s now time to remove the 1.8 block section on our shop.

Some of the items sold in the 1.8 section have relocated to other sections this includes the mob eggs and coarse dirt. For the other items such as Andesite, Prismarine, Diorite, Granite, Sea Lanterns and Slime Blocks you’ll now have to farm those in our world.

I’m sure they’ll be hot commodities on our auction system and someone’s going to make a pretty penny!

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In-game warpshop & setshop

Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 |

Quite a while ago I added a feature where you can make a shop in-game and then type /setshop to set the location. All items you list on our auction system then include a link to your shop which other players can click on to teleport straight to it.

Today I’ve expanded this feature by adding an in-game command called /warpshop [Name]  so if you’ve set your shop (using /setshop) other players can now visit your shop just by typing /warpshop and then your username.

Remember if you’ve setup a shop and you want to delete the teleport to it you can type /delshop at any time.

The new /warpshop command was a requested feature by freakboy31, if you’ve got a great idea for the server don’t hesitate to speak up!

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Payme now supports referrals!

Posted by on Jan 24, 2015 |


When I added the Payme feature a few days ago I included a way for you to influence the amount of rennies you earned per minute by giving you R0.01 for every 10 votes you’d cast.

Today I’m also including referrals in this calculation. So for each minute you’re logged in you’ll also earn an extra R0.01 for each referral you’ve made.

For some of our biggest supporters that’s a big deal. I know a few of you have over 30 processed referrals and that translates to an R0.30 money increase for every minute you’re logged in to our servers!

I hope you enjoy this change, remember to get paid out you can just type /payme at any time on any of our servers.

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