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New Biome finder added!

Posted by on Dec 31, 2014 in Minecraft

Today I’ve written and implemented a new biome finder which replaces and extends the biome balloon system found at /warp travel

In the old system if you wanted a Mountain biome you would take the Mountain Balloon at spawn and it would offer you only three different places on the map. Now that same balloon can teleport you to 26 different Mountainous areas on the map (and counting). This is also true of the other balloons.

But even better than this, you can now teleport to a random biome of your choice with a command, simply type /Biome then the type of area you want. For example /Biome Snow or /Biome Savannah

This new system makes it easier for us to add new places all over the map for players to try. The balloons at spawn will get automatically updated when we add new areas and I’ve built in an easy to use command for us to add new locations to the system. What this all means is, areas won’t get as stale as they used to. With many more places to funnel new users we can make better use of our large Survival map.