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2014 Retrospective: Minecraft

Posted by on Dec 24, 2014 in Minecraft

What an interesting and difficult year we’ve had. Never before has there been so much uncertainty and hostility between the players and Mojang (the developers of Minecraft). The EULA, Bukkits closure, countless reddit arguments and twitter brawls.

To say it has been turbulent would be an understatement. I really wasn’t sure if we ever would upgrade to 1.8 as it seemed less and less likely as the weeks rolled past and more of Bukkits staff quit the project every day. It seemed at one point the goodbye threads on their forums would never stop coming.

Thankfully others stepped up (MD_5 and his team at and through their hard work we have a roadmap to keep our server updated and worth playing on.

Looking closer to home though our server has had a relatively good year. One of the biggest changes I made this year was the volume of posts made on our homepage. Last year we averaged 3 posts a month but this year that more than quadrupled and I feel that really improved the way we communicated new features and changes to players.

We had a great summer quite an active user base and as I said in last years retrospective this year was about integrating more of our online features in to the server so they can be used with commands. I added Betting, in-game card redeeming, in-game auctions including buying bidding and selling which has been an extremely well received feature.

And just a few short months ago I added our new version 2 admin shop. It really is innovative in the way it looks and functions and we sell thousands of things through the shop every single day making it one of our biggest successes.

The most recent change to our server is probably our upgraded hardware. In September I embarked on our biggest upgrade to date. No more consumer grade hardware we went straight to the server pedigree Intel XEON range, a very fast six core processor matched with 64GB of ECC Memory a server grade dual-socket motherboard and case. We also added a 2nd Solid State Drive for our Operating System to use which completely eliminated the lag we felt when the server was performing its daily data backup.

Of course we’ve only just started to exploit these new specifications first launching a new server, Anarchy just a short period ago. But in the new year we will be adding more servers to the roster with different gameplay features.

The last thing I wanted to say was a big thank you to our staff who have worked very hard this year, I know it hasn’t always been easy to satisfy our minimum hourly login requirements especially when things were quite gloomy due to Mojang’s decision-making midway through the year.

I would like to thank Adrian who has especially helped me with his software programming skills which allowed us to stop relying on old and outdated code from DevBukkit and instead be able to create new and innovative features. An example of his direct contributions is the in-game /sell command which without his item identification code would never have been able to be made.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Renegades. Bring on 2015!