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Shop discount changes

Posted by on Dec 5, 2014 in Minecraft

Today I have rebalanced the online shop discount rates. Here are the new rates:

  • Member: 2%
  • Apprentice:  5%
  • Architect, Engineer, Artist, Director: 7%
  • City Planner: 10%
  • Epic Crafter: 13%
  • Legendary Crafter, Staff: 15%

Members now receive a 2% discount where as before they received no discount. For Apprentices they keep the same 5% discount. For the rest of the ranks they have lost at the high end 10% of their discount and at the low end 3%. This is to help stem inflation where higher ranked users are accumulating Rennies very quickly and new users are suffering higher shop prices due to the discounts given to the higher ranked users who have been on the server longer.

Both discount cards are still worth 5% and these do stack together and with your rank discount. So now potentially the highest discount attainable is 25% if you were to be a Legendary Crafter or a member of staff while holding both discount cards.

I hope you agree with these changes of course I welcome you to make comments and discuss these changes on this post and in our forums.