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New Server: Anarchy

Posted by on Nov 23, 2014 in Minecraft

Today I have added an Anarchy server to our game network. This means only our chat rules apply to this server. All gameplay types including PVP, Stealing, Griefing and so on are all acceptable on the new server.

To get to the new server simply connect to like normal and then type /server anarchy

This new server does have a circular border with a radius of 16,000 blocks. That radius is on the normal world, the nether and the end worlds so you have a huge area to explore and cultivate your bases. It is as close to vanilla as possible but I have enabled some useful features including Craftbook so you can make lift signs, bridges and gates.

Adding this new server was mostly a test for me to see how much time and energy it took to add an extra server to our network (due to the complexities of our setup it isn’t so easy). But I think based on what I discovered today we will add more servers to the network in the future and finally start reaping the benefits of our huge 64GB of RAM.