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November Build Challenge

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Minecraft


                 As you all know every month we host a build off but this month I am switching it up a bit. Instead of hosting a build off I will be hosting a Build Challenge. What’s the difference you ask?Instead of giving you a theme you will receive a list of items and restricted amounts you can use along with a theme. Sounds Interesting?

Prizes will also be changed up from the normal ones. Now rest assure that the money payout will be the same but I am adding in a few new things to the winners. So be sure to check the prize listings on the bottom of this post to find out what they are!


Most Interesting and Creative Nether Portal Creation.


1. Obsidian (32 is the minimum you can use.)
2. NO Lava or Water
3. No Trees (But logs and Leaves maybe used)
4. Must use at least 10 of the new blocks from 1.8
5. The Nether Portal MAY NOT BE 3×3 (No Classic Nether Portals)
6. No Crops or plants (Flowers, Wheat, Netherwart etc)
7. I am allowing working Redstone AS LONG as it has a on and off switch.
8. No Paintings or Item Frames.


1. One Plot per person.
2. No copying all builds must be original.
3. Do not build outside of the stone slab outline. YOU MAY however build on them just not over them.
4. Do not grief other players builds.
5. If any concerns about players contest entries inform a staff member don’t harass the builder.
6. Have fun and be creative!


1. After contest winners are announced you will have 3 days to clear out any materials you want to salvage from your build. If not they will be rollback when the contest area is reset.
2. No Chests are to be left behind after the end date of the contest. This also goes for crafting tables and furance’s that are not included in the actual build.


Contest will run from 11/14/2014 to 11/21/2014. All building must be finished by that time.


1st Place: 10,000R and a Hall of Champions Card and the winner will be inducted into the RenMX Hall of Champions as a Monthly Contest Winner.

*At the end of each contest held after this the winner of last month will lose their Champion status and it will be given to the new winner. If this person who wins already has a Champion Status they will be given a free Card to use if they ever get challenged they may use it to trump the other player for one month and keep their title.*

2nd Place: 5,000R and 2 free heads of their choice and 1 spawner of their choice.(Only ones sold in the Admin Shop, Sorry no Enderdragon Spawners :P)

3rd Place: 2,500R and 2 free heads of their choice.

All winners will have their choice to have their winning entries moved for them intact to a place of their choice as long as it is their own land.

To See full details of this event please feel free to go to the original post on our forums Click Here to be directed to the post.