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Goodbye Donator, Hello Supporter!

Posted by on Sep 19, 2014 in Minecraft

Today we are making the biggest change to the Donator perk since it was introduced. We’re getting rid of it. And in its place we are introducing the new Supporter system.

For our current donors it raises the bar. You’ll continue to have all the perks you now enjoy as a supporter but you’ll also be able to increase your notoriety and be recognised for your continued support of our server. That is because we have introduced a gold level of supporter.

So to recap you can earn the first Supporter level with the purple heart by casting 100 votes or inviting 10 friends to the server. With the gold supporter you’ll receive a gold heart instead of purple and you’ll need to cast 500 votes or invite 50 friends to the server.

Right now the perks on both levels of supporter are identical but that will not always be the case. New perks including special cards will be introduced to the gold level of supporter. So if you’ve not been voting now is a great time to get on that bandwagon!