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New Donor/Supporter perk!

Posted by on Sep 18, 2014 in Minecraft

As all our players know, we do not accept any kind of real life currency on our server. That means No donations and no micro-transactions of any kind.

But we still have a “Donator” rank that you obtain by voting for us 100 times at or referring 10 friends via before today this donator rank entitled you to free flying, xp insurance, a 54 slot backpack and a heart infront of your name in-game.

Today I’m adding an extra perk to this rank, access to a second backpack. One that uses your Ender Chest as storage.

This new perk applies to all “Donator” rank holders past and present and can be accessed by using the  /bp2 or /echest commands. I hope you enjoy this additional perk, more good changes to the Donator system are coming in the near future.