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Microsoft, Mojang and RenMX

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Minecraft

Today it was confirmed that Microsoft is acquiring Mojang the makers of Minecraft for 2.5 Billion dollars. Notch, Mojang and Microsoft have all released statements explaining why the deal is happening and I’d like to just lay out how this deal affects us.

In the short term it really doesn’t affect us at all. I am going to keep our server updated and online for as-long as possible and there won’t be any changes as a result of Microsofts buy out.

One thing is clear, notch sold Mojang to Microsoft because he is an immature man-child who is afraid of success. That came across from this post on his website.

Personally I feel quite angry at him for being in my opinion reckless with his baby. He hired terrible people like Dinnerbone and Grum from the bukkit project who have massive egos and big mouths. They continually riled up the community over twitter and IRC. It is these two people that caused the EULA outrage, and indirectly the bukkit projects closure. They are a cancer and I can only hope Microsoft fires them immediately.

So anyway those are my thoughts and our situation, I will definitely keep our community going for as long as possible and I’m maintaining a wait and see approach to the deal.