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The path ahead won’t be easy

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Minecraft

A few days ago I made a post which described the current situation within the Minecraft community. The EULA, Bukkit shutdown, DMCA takedowns. The turmoil is unrelenting though as it now seems Microsoft are in negotiations to purchase Mojang and with it, become the sole owners of Minecraft.

But there have been some other not so glum developments. Sponge, the new community server project, now has a website and a forum. The first pieces of code have been written and the project is taking shape.

We now know more information about the projects technical specifications, such as it will get a brand new plugin API that is incompatible with Bukkit.

That is not the best outcome for us as it will mean a lot of work on our part in porting our software over. Infact almost all our custom features will require substantial refactoring.

It also means that a few of our very old plugins that still worked fine under Bukkit but have since been abandoned by their official developers will require us to step in and remake them from scratch.

There is some good news however, there are three other server projects now in development apart from Sponge. All of them have something in common, they include the Bukkit API. If one of these projects become dominant we will use it instead of Sponge to maintain compatibility with our current software and upgrade to 1.8 at the earliest opportunity. However if Sponge does become the dominant server we cannot entertain the idea of using a niche server just for Bukkit compatibility. We tried this before with Canary to maintain plugin compatibility with hMod and it simply hindered us as support from plugin developers for the Canary server waned.

So that is everything that has gone on lately, I will continue to make informational updates like this one as the next few weeks unfold. The game we love is going through a rough patch with a lot of uncertainty, rest assured I am keeping on top of everything and I’m considering every option available to keep our community together.