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Survival difficulty changed to “Hard Mode”!

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Minecraft

The difficulty mode of the server has been changed from Easy to Hard. This is a change that players voted for in this forum poll.

This has a few noticeable changes which I’ll now detail below.

  1. Mobs now do more damage. For example, before a Zombie could do 1 to 2 hearts of damage they now do 4 to 9 hearts of damaged.
  2. If you run out of food your hunger will cause you to lose hearts. Previously you would still have 5 hearts, now you will go down to zero and then die!
  3. Zombies can now break through wooden doors, Spiders can spawn with potion affects pre-applied to them and you can be poisoned by Cave Spiders.

So with these changes you’ll need to make sure you have food and good armor or you’re gonna have a hard time out there. One last note, creepers do currently not cause player damage but I may activate this feature in a few days time depending on how the Hard Mode testing goes.