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Upgrade complete!

Posted by on Aug 21, 2014 in Minecraft, WinMX

The physical server upgrade from Colossus to Prometheus is complete. The game servers and our WinMX servers are online as of this post and you can connect.

To recap quickly the major changes with this upgrade. We now have 64GB of ECC Memory when before we had 24GB of Non-ECC Memory. We are now using a XEON 6 Core CPU (E5-1650) previously we used a Core i7 6 Core CPU (3930K). We’ve gained expansion through a new motherboard which supports dual processors and up to 512GB of memory.

We’ve increased efficiency and the life of the server by changing from a Corsair HX1000 power supply to a Corsair AX1200 Power Supply. And finally the boot disk has been changed from a 1TB Western Digital Black Hard Drive to a Corsair Neutron 120GB SSD.

This is by far the largest upgrade we’ve ever done. It changes more parts than any of the prior upgrades and it more than doubles several of our specifications, especially that 64GB of RAM!

Thank you for your patience while we transitioned over to Prometheus it took quite a few hours to complete everything. A full build log with photos of the server in various stages of completion will be posted soon.