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Update on our server hardware upgrade!

Posted by on Aug 13, 2014 in Minecraft, WinMX

In my last post on our server upgrade I detailed all our new components and I also listed how the upgrade was going to occur, in two separate parts. One main upgrade this month then a CPU upgrade sometime between October-December.

Well as things usually go the upgrade has changed. Instead of happening in two parts it’s all going to be happening later this month and there have been some hardware changes, for the better!

Instead of using the slow E5-2630v2 (6 Cores, 2.7GHz/3.1GHz with Turbo) we’re going to be using the faster E5-1650 (6 Cores, 3.2GHz/3.8GHz with Turbo). This processor is much faster than the one I was originally going to use and its high clock speed will be a better fit for our Minecraft servers.

The second major change is instead of using our old Corsair 1000 Watt HX1000 Silver rated PSU which I’ve used in our server for the past 4 and a half years I’ve bought a brand new Corsair 1,200 Watt AX1200 Platinum rated PSU.

The new power supply is much more energy-efficient which means it’ll cost less to run and it releases less heat making it more reliable and longer lasting. This is reflected in its 7 year warranty up from the 5 years our HX1000 came with.

The third and last major change is the boot disk is no longer going to be a Western Digital Black 1TB. I’ve found that a lot of the visible slowdowns we experience on the server are caused by the operating system freezing while it’s trying to access its hard drive. To put it simply, the boot disk gets overloaded trying to do too many things at once and the server freezes momentarily (1-30 seconds) while it works through the queue of data it needs to read or write. By using an SSD it will alleviate this problem.

So one last thing to discuss, this was originally going to be an “upgrade” of our old server, reusing our CPU, Power Unit, Raid Cards, SSD, Hard Drives etc. But now so much stuff is being bought new that I actually no longer need to dismantle the old server to build the new one. I can build it, install the operating system and configure everything before I need to shut down our old server.

And that means, less down time. I can test that all the new components work perfectly and get everything ready before I need to shut our server off.

When the building begins I’ll be taking photos which I’ll post on our homepage and forums after completion so stay tuned for that!