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Shop v2 final pre-launch updates

Posted by on Aug 9, 2014 in Minecraft

I’ve written the last pieces of essential code this evening for the new shop. That is the code which allows rank purchases to function and the code that makes the gift options function. This means you can now select the types of gifts you wish to receive from other players and you can purchase the Member or Apprentice ranks from the v2 shop.

There is one slight difference to the rank purchasing on the v2 shop, you can purchase these regardless of the server that you or the person you’re gifting the ranks to are currently in. So if new players join the Creative server only to realise they need the Member rank to build there they can buy the rank without needing to switch back to the Survival server.

That has been a long time annoyance with the original shop that I’m glad to have fixed.

So with the shop being code complete the only thing left to do is add the rest of the items. I intend to do that tomorrow. The nether, special blocks and mob spawners will be making their appearances soon and once those are in the new shop will take centre stage at replacing our current and dated shop.

So please try the shop if you haven’t done so already. Many bugs have been fixed over the past several weeks and it’s more functional than ever. If you find any problems don’t hesitate to tell me and I’ll correct them.

EDIT:// All the items have now been added to the shop! Spawners, Special Blocks and Mineable Ores were the last ones added today. This means the new shop is complete! – It will replace our current shop soon.