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Champion rewards revealed!

Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Minecraft


We’ve kept the rewards you’d receive as being a Champion secret but today the wait is over, all is revealed!

You’ll receive four cards whilst you’re a Champion (they will disappear if you lose your Champion title!) and they are noted above. You’ll notice the repair card has a 1 month cooldown period instead of three months, the 5% Shop discount does stack with your previous discounts (even the other 5% discount card) and that Mine 20% Faster card? It lasts 1 hour instead of 5 Minutes and applies to everyone logged in when you use it. And yes all four cards are animated!

Finally perhaps the best part of the reward is the Champion Toolset. It will take four months for you to get all four tools by redeeming this card but they are the best you’ll ever get your hands on. And yes that is silk touch sheers with maximum unbreaking applied!

I thought I’d leave this post with a little picture of the enchanted Pickaxe you’ll earn with your first redemption of the Toolset card. What beautiful gold trim!