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The creative server is being reset on August 14th

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in Minecraft

Recently I held a poll on our forums and with 78% of the vote you have chosen to have the Creative server reset. The reset will occur on August 14th that is in 21 days time.

I feel this is more than enough time for you to save anything you want to from our creative server. From the moment this post is made all users will be able to enter the Creative server and save builds as schematics. You’ll later be able to import these builds back in to the new Creative server once it is up and running.

To do this, you’ll need the WorldEdit select tool. That is the wooden axe. You left click one point then you right click another point while wielding the axe. Then afterwards you type //copy and then //schematic save <name>

(replacing with what you want the schematic to be called, such as //schematic save vodkashouse)

Alternatively instead of left and right clicking you can stand in a position and type //pos1 and then stand in the other position and type //pos2 then you would use the copy and schematics save commands like normal.

The new creative server will be completely flat, have only one world and be much leaner on resources. It will also have a border to support steady and sustainable growth. More information about the new Creative server will be announced nearer the time of launch some time next month.