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Changes to the way time altering works

Posted by on Jul 20, 2014 in Minecraft

For several years we’ve changed the time on the server from night to day by user request or when the staff needed to investigate a grief and daylight made it easier to see things.

We also introduced cards which allow you to change the time to day or night. These are well used cards which presents a problem for users who want a normal day/night cycle. All of these time changing systems are global so they affected every player.

Today that has changed. Now when you use your day or night card or when a staff member uses /day or /night commands it will only change the time for that specific player. It will no longer be global. So if you want the time changed you’ll need to acquire the day/night cards as you will no longer be affected by other players or staff using their cards and/or commands.

I think this is a beneficial change as we have had more than a few complaints about the frequent and jarring time changes on the server and this I feel fixes the problem whilst still maintaining the time changing features for those who wish to use them.