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In-game sell command updated!

Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in Minecraft

When I added the in-game sell command it made selling quite easy, simply holding a stack of an item in your hand and typing /sell and the software would work out how much you want something to be sold for based on what you sold that item for previously.

But what if you wanted to sell a quantity more than 64? or what if you wanted to sell 15 stacks of 64 instead of only 1 stack? This required you to enter in the price again and the quantity.

With todays update these two things are no longer necessary. Simply replace the price with the word auto and the software will put in the price for you based on what you previously told it that item was worth.

So for example, if you had 256 blocks of Sand and you’ve previously sold some sand (say 16 at R1.25) you can now hold some sand in your hand and type /sell auto 256 this would list 256 blocks of sand for R20 (256 / 16 = 16, 16 x R1.25 = R20).

Now lets say you don’t want to list 256 in one go. Instead you want to list 64 stacks x 4. Now you can just hold 64 sand in your hand and type /sell auto auto 4 the software will make four stacks of 64 and set the price for each stack at R5.

Now you can still do it the old way by listing all the numbers manually and you can still use /sell on its own to sell the item in your hand in the quantity held. But with the new auto feature you can list larger quantities and multiple stacks much faster.

p.s. The in-game interface for auctions has been retooled. It looks even nicer and more consistent. You’ll also now receive in-game messages when players bid on your auctions and when you bid and buy listings from both in-game and on the website.