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Player Spotlight: TheMinecraftzx

Posted by on Jul 18, 2014 in Minecraft

Who are you? When did you join RenMX?
Hello, My IGN is TheMinecraftzx (Mine, ZX, Minez) My hobby is making video games. Im still learning, but i’m getting somwhere. I joined RenMX about a year ago (Sept. 13th 2013) I’m sure I will never get bored on this server. Because it’s really amazing annd we have a great community!

What do you enjoy the most in our server?
I mostly enjoy the community, It’s really amazing how I mostly chat with them instead of playing the actual game.

What types of creations do you like to create?
I don’t build, I’m a director. I make videos for our server. I’m not really good at building, so I chose to be a director on our server.

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