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Shop v2 updates

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Minecraft

Since our last post there have been a number of changes on the new shop including functional gifting, Dyed Clays, Stained Glasses, Dyed Wools, Farming Supplies and Mob Eggs!

On our previous shop you could purchase mobs and they would appear next to you in-game. But this had a few issues, you couldn’t buy mobs now and store them for use later, you couldn’t put them in dispensers to be spawned and you couldn’t re-sell the mobs.

With the eggs you can hold them until you need them, sell them to other players, put them in dispensers for your builds and more. And best of all you can now spawn mobs that you couldn’t before such as Mules and Donkeys (buy the horse egg for this, it’s a 33% chance you’ll get one of those when using the egg).

So have fun, keep testing and reporting any issues you find in our forum thread. Thanks!