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Rennies for Bugs!

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in Minecraft

You may not be aware of it but for over a year we have offered you (our players) Rennies in exchange for responsible bug disclosures. You can earn from R300 to R5,000 depending on the disclosures severity.

We accept reports starting at benign spelling errors all the way up to serious security vulnerabilities. Over the past year over R30,000 has been paid out to players through this initiative and as a result many issues have been corrected.

I’m writing this post to remind our current players and inform our new players of this program so that you can continue to benefit from it. If you’ve found an issue the preferred way to disclose it is through a private message to me directly (I’m Pri on the forums / VodkaDK in the game). I will pay you promptly for each issue that meets our reporting criteria.

Through responsible disclosures the servers security is improved whilst annoying bugs and inconsistencies are corrected, we have a great track record of resolving reported issues quickly especially when they are severe so make sure to speak up and claim your Rennies if you’ve found some!