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Shop v2 beta has begun!

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Minecraft


Our new shop is 99% code complete with only the gifting system and the listing of the items for sale to be done. And with that level of completeness it is now time to start our beta. Over the coming days and weeks you’ll see lots of new items pop up in the new store but as of today the Abilities and Above Ground Blocks are in.

Features of the new shop that the old shop doesn’t have:

  • Names of items are now displayed above the item image
  • Variable Pricing, prices on items will go up and down depending on purchase demand
  • Sale stats, see what’s selling and in what quantities to help your own shops
  • Discount pricing used on all prices displayed on the page
  • Select exactly the quantity of an item you want to purchase
  • Protection against a full inventory so you don’t lose items you pay for
  • Item descriptions explaining where those blocks naturally occur in the world and what you can craft with them

And I’m sure even more new features will be coming throughout the year. So how do you take part in the beta? Simply hop on over to you can of course continue to use the normal shop at we will only be switching them once the new shop has complete feature parity with our old one.

If you find any bugs please report them in this thread you will earn rennies (R300 to R2000) for each bug you find.

EDIT: Coloured Wools and Stained Glasses have now been added to the new shop!