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1.8 is coming. Are you ready?

Posted by on Jul 6, 2014 in Minecraft

New Blocks…

 photo Polished_Diorite_zpse3502ec0.png

I know most of us have been eagerly awaiting the new 1.8 release. What does the future of Minecraft have in store for us?

New blocks include DioritePolished Diorite, Andesite, Polished Andesite, Granite, Polished Granite, Slime Blocks, Sea Lanterns,
I am really excited about these new block releases but also there are making it so there are other ways to make it not just by farming the exact stone. So before you go searching for hours on end and trying to grab as much of it as you can before anyone else read this.

Diorite can be made from combining Cobblestone and Nether quartz fragments. Now before you start going “Ugh Nether quarts fragments. Think of this. Remember the head plug in we have installed that drops those random Quartz Fragments? Now you will have a use for them! To craft these blocks it will take 2 Cobblestone and 2 Nether quartz fragments. Will yield out 2 Diorite. Takes a total of four Diorites to make four Polished Diorites.

Andesite can be made  from combining Diorite and Cobblestone. Yields out two Andesite’s. And just like Polished Diorite, it takes four Andesite’s to make four Polished Andesite’s. Another cool crafting feature to this is the fact you can take three either polished or non polished Andesite to make six common stone slabs.

Granite can be crafted by using two Diorite and two nether quartz fragments. Like the other new blocks it will take four to make the polished version. Also three of these will make common stone slabs.! Cool no?

Slime Block I think this is the most awaited building block in this release. (Other then the Sea Lantern) So what exactly is a slime block? Player or Mob steps on it and it will bounce you at a lower height you started off with by jumping on it until you are standing still. Also by walking on it will it will be like walking through soul sand just…slower. Upside to this is that landing on these will allow you not to take fall damage and when attached to pistons, slime blocks can move adjacent blocks under the right conditions. Takes only nine slime balls to craft one block. Not to costly. Plus one slime block can be reverted to nine slime balls. Really can’t wait to see what people create in game with these new blocks! Should be insanely fun to see!

Sea Lanterns are coming!! These Things are Amazing!!! You can kiss glowstone blocks good bye because once these bad boys are released in to the game I have a really good feeling that they will the hot item to light your builds with. Not only are they a really cool color but they give off the same lighting as glowstone. Unless these are to be released in our Admin Shop they are gonna be extremely hard to obtain. They only spawn in the Ocean Monuments. (With a Silk Touch) but without a silk touch they will break down to 2-5 (depends on the fortune on your pixaxe.) prismarine crystals . To craft it though is gonna take 5 prismarine crystals and 2 prismarine shards…which drop from the bosses.. Lets just hope they are in the shop!!

*keeps fingers crossed*

Other blocks are being welcomed in as well including course dirt (which can be crafted with gravel, finally a use for gravel!) Wet Sponges which can be dried out using furnaces. And the ever so confusing Barrier Block..Is it really there or not? Oh boy I can feel the upcoming troll fun boxes coming on!

New Mobs Brings new Food!!!

with 1.8 they will be releasing Rabbits! yes Bunnies!!!! They will drop rabbit hides, raw rabbit and also rabbits foot! The hide can be turned into leather, takes four of them to make one. The Rabbit meat can be cooked and ate or be turned into Rabbit Stew! using other in game food products! Also with the release of the Bunny it will welcome in a new potion using the rabbit foot. Potion of Leaping. Should come into serious use when it comes to those parkour Easter eggs *winks* Sheep are also becoming more useful with new food drops added to them. They are called Mutton.

New Temple!

Temple raiders gear up and let’s go! 1.8 is the release of the Ocean Monument Temples! These will include two bosses called Guardian and Elder Guardian. They will drop prismarine shards among other items! Don’t think it will be a simple walk in the park either, no sir this is no walk in the park or taking candies from babies. But it’s a lot easier then killing the Enderdragon. They have high health, fast movements and a powerful ranged attack. And if you go up against a Elder make sure to bring plenty of milk buckets! Also keep on the look out for rooms filled with Wet Sponges, Who ever thought that you would be able to farm Sponges?! This place is huge and has a lot of secrets will you be the one to unlock them? Or are you just after the gold blocks found inside *Grins*

Endermite? Say What?

Yes even a new type of Enderman is being welcomed! These guys have a chance to spawn in whenever a Enderman Ports or a Ender pearl is thrown! They don’t drop anything but really it’s just cool looking haha! Cool thing about this guy is if you name tag him it will keep him from despawning.. wonder who will have a collection of these guys as pets.

 Red Stone Madness?

Iron trap doors are also being released in 1.8. Crafted the same as any trap door just uses iron instead. Pretty much common sense

Other Cool Additions to look forward to in 1.8

Cool other things being added and fixed are wool from temples will be replaced with stained clay, and villagers trading will have better options. Chiseled, Cracked, Mossy Stone bricks will also become craftable now. Cracked bricks is a cool one where you cook stone bricks in a furnace and they come out Cracked.

Doors will stack to 64 (Thank God!) They will also give 3 doors now instead of 1 upon crafting.

Hay Bales now recover horse health and helps them grow faster. HorseHaven, I think I see them smiling over there!

Buttons will be able to be placed on the ground or ceilings now!

Renaming Items will only cost 1 exp!

Enchanting Changes

Enchanting will only take a few levels now, and you can get V on a enchantment without combing now! But brace yourselves you will also be required to use Lapis.

Rumors or facts?

Rumor has it that also a new skill book is coming out. One that allows you to move faster under the water! Cool but what do you think? Rumor or Fact?