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Want to write for RenMX? We’re recruiting!

Posted by on Jul 5, 2014 in Minecraft

Perhaps you have journalistic aspirations or simply want to help our server, whatever your reasons if you would like to become a RenMX writer for our home page (where this very article you’re reading lives) then please do apply!

Each writer should be able to write a minimum of two articles per month but four (or more!) would be ideal. We’re looking for writers who can write about one or more of the following things on a regular basis.

  • General Minecraft News
  • Minecraft Snapshot Previews/Reviews with Images or Video
  • Reviews of Client side Mods players can use on our server (Minimaps, Chest sorters etc)
  • Reviews of new and interesting Texture Packs / Sound Packs
  • Guides on how to install client side mods like those listed above
  • Guides on how to use RenMX features, web apps and plugins
  • Guides on how to get the most out of RenMX for example a Money making guide
  • General server news about events, new features, new plugins
  • Minecraft investigative journalism (A piece on the recent EULA changes for example)
  • Articles on interesting player builds around the server

And even if you want to write about something that isn’t on the list if it is RenMX or Minecraft related then I’m sure it will be accepted too. The whole point of this is to create a lot more content for our homepage.

So how do you get the role? Simply write something that pertains to any of the subjects listed above and then private message it to me on our forums. I will review every single piece I receive and if I believe your writing ability is up to the task you will be given the opportunity to write for our homepage. I’m looking to recruit around 5 people.

Here are some tips when writing your submission article, don’t use clichés, don’t try to use long complicated words if it isn’t your style. Try to make your writing fun to read. Always read what you’ve written to check for grammar and spelling errors.

If you do get the job you’ll be writing your articles on our site platform called WordPress which includes grammar & spelling error detection and correction. It will also auto-detect and correct typical writing issues such as incorrect punctuation, overly complex speech and clichés so don’t threat if you’re not great at proof reading.

These positions are open to everyone on our server of all ages so feel free to write something and apply for one of the positions!