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In-game Auctions update

Posted by on Jul 1, 2014 in Minecraft

Today our in-game auction system gets a huge new feature. Something I’ve wanted to add for a very long time and with Adrian’s help I’ve been able to accomplish it today.

We now have a smart in-game /sell command. What makes it smart? Well it understands and learns from your usage cutting down on the parameters you need to enter. This makes it incredibly fast to do listings.

For example if I wanted to list 8 carrots. I simply hold the carrots in my hand and type /sell then the price I want to sell them for. For example /sell 1

Very simple, but lets say I want to sell 64 carrots later that day. Do I still need to type in the price? No. Now all I need to do is type /sell without a price and the built in learning will price it at R8. Why did it do this? Because I already told it I wanted 8 carrots priced at 1 so it knows 64 carrots (which is 8x as much) should be priced at R8.

I’ve used simple math here to explain, but it works with any quantities and prices. I could list 64 at R2 and then later on list 32 and it would price it ar R1 and it supports floating point so I can have things priced at R0.1 or R5.6 and so on.

Now the system does also support some other parameters. For example lets say I wanted to sell 500 carrots instead of 64. I hold any carrot in my hand and then I’d type /sell <price> <quantity> for example: /sell 50 500 That would sell 500 carrots for 50 Rennies.

I can also supply a 3rd number if I want multiple stacks. So if I wanted to sell 15 x 64 Carrots. I could type /sell 8 64 15 that would then list 15 x 64 carrots at R8 per stack.

Finally if you want your listing broadcast in-game simply write bcast at the end. For example /sell bcast or /sell 8 bcast etc

I hope you all enjoy this new feature and thanks again Adrian for making it possible with his in-game hand-item detection code.