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How are our cards made?

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in Minecraft


I thought an interesting post today would be to show you how I make our cards, specifically how I made our 5% Discount Card animated which I did today. I’ve so far made over 110 card images, I make them all myself so that I can maintain a consistent feel between them all.

I use Adobe Photoshop CC to make all the images. Even the animated ones. The Discount Card is the first one I’ve made using the 3D toolset in photoshop, did you know it can actually make very good 3D animations?

So this here is what the main window of my Photoshop looked like while I was making the 3D 5% Discount Card (Click to expand the image).

Adobe Photoshop CC

It looks quite complicated but essentially each piece of the image is its own layer. Like if you were to layer multiple pieces of paper on top of each other. Then there is a timeline illustrated by the purple highlights which indicates what happens in every microsecond in the animation I’m making. Then on the far left there are the 3D attributes for the layers in this “scene”.

By manipulating the layers you can get some pretty neat effects such as the spinning price tag in this card. To do that I selected only the tag and created a new scene just for it, then I told Photoshop I wanted it to spin that scene 360 degrees over a 6 second time period. This results in a very nice and smooth turn.

But there was a problem, the text that says 5% Shop Discount is on its own layer and not part of this scene, so I create a new scene for that and set it to also spin 360 Degrees but once it gets to 90 Degrees it disappears so that it doesn’t appear on the other side of the tag inverted (with the letters back to front). This gives the tag the appearance of being a real object with only text on one side.

This card is probably the most complicated one I’ve made due to its use of 3D but I am going through and updating some of the old card graphics where appropriate and I’m very much excited to add more animations to our high-end cards so they have a bit more character.

Hope you enjoyed learning about how our cards are made and I’m sure you have a greater appreciation for them as a result! 🙂