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Spawn Rejuvenation

Posted by on Jun 5, 2014 in Minecraft

It feels like only yesterday our spawn Mount Aino went live but it has actually been more than a year. May 14th 2013 we first unveiled it.

Since that time we’ve made many alternations to the spawn. Some of those changes were quite large such as the many Easter Egg installations. And other changes more subtle such as the player shops below the main temple.

Recently we’ve felt that spawn could do with a bit of sprucing up. There has been many new items added to the game and it’s a great time to go around and redesign parts of the spawn and adjust other parts. So I’d like to show you some of the things we’ve been working on.

Perhaps the largest physical change is the new Aino Village which occupies a section of forest between the Aino Gardens and the Aino Temple.


This village was created by Mikasawr one of our players and we’ve already begun adding story and features within the village such as Smelly Barry and his Black Market. It is our intention to add a full complement of scripted NPC’s to the village with their own stories and scripted events.


The central atrium at spawn has also seen a lavish overhaul with staff boards, player ranks, portals to the nether/end and lots of flowers added to it. You’ll also notice three new large information boards around the central staircase so you can quickly get to shops, towns and important warps.


Finally just a general redesign of the flow within the temple which includes new staircases, new hallways, new floor designs, new lighting and convenient placement of utilities including ender chests and enchanting tables.

This is the first part of the overall spawn overhaul. We expect the work to continue for several weeks but we look forward to reading your opinions on our forum as all of this is to make the spawn more useful and visually interesting for you.