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Create our new Jobs!

Posted by on Jun 1, 2014 in Minecraft

Job Creation

Last month we added a new plugin, Jobs. This is a great addition to the server that allows you to earn Rennies (our in-game currency) by simply playing the game. Chopping wood, mining, brewing, enchanting, farming and more professions give you extra cash to spend on materials.

But this plugin goes further than just offering these standard jobs, it contains a framework for creating brand new jobs. Instead of just creating a few myself I’ve decided to open the process to all of you. If you’ve got a great Job idea please submit it and all the details in our dedicated thread on our forums.

In the thread you’ll find all the details for the kinds of activities your jobs can contain so read through the documentation before you get brainstorming. Feel free to post as many job ideas as you like, all the best ones will be added to the game 🙂