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Art Build Contest!

Posted by on Jun 1, 2014 in Minecraft


With so many creative people on our server I thought it would be a great contest idea to really let you go wild. Build absolutely anything you want in this months contest. Make your own art, make something that inspires us. Create a story within your canvas, take us in to your mind, let us see the world through your eyes.

This contest will be held by Killer, you’ll find the plots at /warp contest on our survival server. Simply pick your section label it and get creative. There are no limits on what you can build just make it a part of you.

The contest will run from June 1st to June 8th. Prize wise there is 10,000 5,000 and 1,000 rennies up for grabs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and the three winners will also get some Legendary class cards in their card decks šŸ™‚