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New Jackpot Subsidies!

Posted by on May 23, 2014 in Minecraft


Lost all your Rennies gambling? turning tricks behind a Denny’s Diner just to make ends meet?

Well if this is you, you need serious help fella. But for the rest of us reasonable in-control gamblers we’re introducing a brand new feature. From now on every 5 minutes the jackpot is going to increase by 10 Rennies.

I know what you’re thinking, now where on earth are we gonna find 10 Rennies every 5 minutes? We already sold all our possessions down at the pawn shop and the back of Denny’s just got security cams!

Well this money is coming straight out of the daily town taxes. Every town on the server has already been taxed R30 per day for a substantial amount of time. With 75 towns on the server there is 2,250 Rennies being collected every day and the currently held taxed amount is already over 112,000 Rennies.

So with the jackpot gaining 10 Rennies an hour there will be 2880 Rennies added to the jackpot every single day. The majority of this will be paid from each days taxes and the extra from the 112,000 pot we’ve already generated. I’ve also not included nation taxes in this formula but we have three of those cumulatively generating a total of 180 Rennies per day.

As the server grows and more towns get formed the amount added to the jackpot will go up. What all this means is, you can get your taxes back by winning jackpots!

So what are you waiting for? Get in-game and get gambling ya bunch of filthy degenerates!