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Updates to in-game Auctions

Posted by on May 19, 2014 in Minecraft


When I added in-game auctions on the 1st of this month there was one part that was absent; Bidding. I mentioned at the time I would be adding Bidding and today I have done just that.

The reason for the hold up was when we upgraded to 1.7.9 there was an incompatibility discovered between the way we did the in-game auctions and that version of the game. Adrian one of the servers administrators and developers was able to correct this problem today and so I have added in-game bidding along side the listing and one click buying.

Just like buying if you want to bid on something you just click on the word Bid in the chat and you’ll then be prompted to type in the amount you wish to bid.

I’ve also altered the way the listing broadcast messages appear so when someone lists a new item on the auction system you’ll now be able to buy and bid in-game by clicking on the relevant parts of that specific listing. Now you won’t even need to search for an item before hitting that buy button you can do it straight from the broadcast message when the item is first listed.

I’m really quite excited to be able to add these new chat click features and I’ll be expanding their use to other areas soon. In Minecraft 1.8 we also gain the ability to make titles appear on player screens and further control over the on-screen scoreboard. I’ll be using these features to improve our easter egg experience and other areas too.