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Towny unclaim reversion disabled

Posted by on May 17, 2014 in Minecraft


Today I have disabled a feature of Towny which made claimed areas revert back to natural land after the area has been unclaimed.

The main reason I have done this is because there appears to be a bug in Towny which makes reverting land appear up to 80 blocks higher than it should. This is obviously very problematic and defeats the purpose of reverting which is to give players natural land to build on after the previous player has abandoned some land.

So with this feature disabled there are some benefits to you, you can now for example abandon your own town and join someone elses for a period of time. This is something a lot of people have requested. They want to build with their friends but they also don’t want to lose their own private builds they’ve been working on.

The other benefit is if you suddenly run out of money or a member of your town goes rogue and steals from the town bank your creations won’t disappear.

Based on these added benefits and the fact we’ll be expanding the border of the map soon anyway making fresh land available to everyone I do not intend to fix the reversion bug and I’m instead going to leave it disabled.

One last thing, with this feature disabled your signs (on Doors and Chests) will still pop off after you unclaim the land in which the signs reside. So just keep that in mind and don’t forget to put the signs back if you intend to keep the land.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!