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Player Spotlight: MJEdwards87

Posted by on May 10, 2014 in Minecraft

Who are you? When did you join RenMX?
Hello, I’m Eddie and I joined around Christmas 2012. Though I had Spent a lot of time away from the server at one point due to being on an extended patrol. Glad to be back though :)

What do you enjoy the most in our server?
What’s not to like ;) There are some amazing builds and towns on the server. The community is top notch and always a laugh. Staff are always helpful and set up great competitions for us all to enjoy. The work Pri has put in is unbelievable and really makes the server! from the website to all the custom plugins he has introduced!

What types of creations do you like to create?
Hmm… That’s a hard question to answer :P it’s a little cliché but I like to build medieval style buildings, I know it’s a common style because of the nature of game but I like to think I pull it off better then most. Ha ha.

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