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Deadbolt protection bug, what you need to know

Posted by on May 7, 2014 in Minecraft

After we upgraded to Minecraft v1.7.9 there were a few unexpected bugs that we experienced. Some of these bugs couldn’t be found through testing due to how specific they were.

One of these bugs is with our Deadbolt sign protection system. Essentially when you log off from the server your signs would expire immediately instead of waiting 90 days. None of us knew about this problem because we were logged in as we were checking that sign protections worked and the chests/doors we tested were of other logged in players.

Thankfully the bug was discovered this morning and I have corrected the issue by disabling sign expirations. So now instead of the signs expiring after 90 days they won’t expire at all. I will bring back the 90 day expiration after the developer of Deadbolt fixes the bug. If you believe someone has accessed your containers during the time this bug was exposed you can use LogBlock to see who took which items from your containers and a staff member will be happy to aid you.

If you took items from a container believing the protections to have expired naturally then you do not need to worry as we will not be handing out bans for anything you took, we will simply place back items that were taken.

One other small issue we had since the update is our in-game auction system with the one click buying has been disabled due to an incompatibility between our custom code and the v1.7.9 update. We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible, it does not affect the online auction pages only the in-game searching and in-game one click purchasing.

Thank you for reading and happy crafting 🙂