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Minecraft servers updated to v1.7.9

Posted by on May 3, 2014 in Minecraft

The servers had some brief downtime today (About 30 minutes) while they were updated to v1.7.9 of Minecraft. This new version is mostly server-side changes that players cannot see but there is one major benefit, we are now running the latest version of the game so players can connect using the latest client.

As you may know we use BungeeCord as a reverse proxy for our servers and it has some neat features such as multi-version connectivity. This means you can connect to our server using any version of Minecraft between v1.7.2 and v1.7.9 – So if you’re using mods that aren’t updated for v1.7.9 yet you can continue to use them on an older version of the game client.

Skyblock has also been updated today with some very significant changes, type /island while on our Skyblock server to view the new in-game island interface.

The changes made to our plugins for the v1.7.9 update have set us up for a smooth transition to v1.8 and it is my hope to have us updated to v1.8 as soon as possible as a result.

Thanks and have fun!