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New Auction Feature: In-game Search & Buying!

Posted by on May 1, 2014 in Minecraft

As I mentioned yesterday when I added the in-game card redeeming it is my intention to integrate all of our web services in to the game. Today I am making auctions both searchable and listings purchasable from inside the game.

The way it works is really smart and I’d like to show you a screenshot of what you’ll see in-game.

So when you want to search for an item you simply type /search then the name of the item. Once you do that you’ll be presented with results such as these below:


Now you may notice I have highlighted part of the results in pink and the other part in green. This is because if you click any of the results in the pink area as highlighted you’ll be taken to that listing on our website.

But if you click the part highlighted in green you’ll instantly buy that listing. You’ll not even need to visit the website, it’s all handled in-game using a new OnClick events system provided by Minecraft v1.7.x

This is I think a really awesome feature. It makes Auctions more accessible than ever before, much easier to use and it really shows what can be done in-game. This feature is not yet finished, you cannot currently bid on listings from in-game but that is coming later. Today both searching and purchasing is enabled and you can use it right now 🙂