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Featured Build: Oakshire by MJEdwards87

Posted by on May 1, 2014 in Minecraft

What is the name of your project?
To be honest I find it hard to name things but with this project I decided to go with Oakshire. The main reasons behind this are the fact that I’m originally from Yorkshire and that it feels like 90% of my build uses Oak Logs… So I Merged the two together ;)

What is the theme of your build?
The theme of my build is Fantasy/Medieval and my Original inspiration was mostly from TES Morrowind. The game had some nice concepts and my Project is a sort of homage to the elder scrolls series. After building some designs I improved/tweaked until I was happy with feeling and look of them. They may be small on the inside but they’re homely :)

Which parts of your build are special to you?
The centre piece of the build is the Castle. Unfortunately though castles are a very common build in Minecraft, A lot of people tend to build them, After a time they can get boring and repetitive. When I decided to build the castle I spent a fair amount of time trying to make the castle as unique as possible and Hopefully I have achieved this.

Did you complete it to your satisfaction?
The current state of my build is to my satisfaction but now and then I’ll find something to improve or tweak :P

Any expansion plans for this build or the area in which it sits?
Yes, I have a few plans for the area around my project. Currently drawing up plans for a large mining site to the west, Need to build some stables and hopefully at some point I want to tidy up the the town across from my project. 

Who if anyone assisted you with this build that you’d like to mention?
No one has really actually helped me construct the buildings but I would like to thank the kind people of the community who donated Oak Logs to my cause ;) Also Pri For helping me out with the servers plug-ins and actually hosting this amazing server.

Thank you MJEdwards87

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